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Marriage has seen better days. - Even the 'Best of Marriages' can be improved upon.
Folks wait until later in life to wed, if they wed at all. - Divorce happens with an alarming frequency. Second and third marriages have an even smaller chance for success. -
 'Til death do us part has become a fairly meaningless phrase. - Infidelity is skyrocketing. Involving most age groups and initiated by each gender. - Self-absorption, finances, gender roles, children, aging parents, failing health, unrealistic expectations, housework, and sexual/ intimacy issues all contribute to the strain experienced by even the happiest of married couples.

What do we do about this? - What can you do about this?
IMPROVE YOUR MARRIAGE Don't Overlook the Obvious, the book,
is a part of that answer.

* It should help already blissful couples to greater value what they have, maintain it, and fine-tune their relationship. * It should help troubled marriages become better, happier, and more fulfilling.* And, finally, it should be 'must reading' for those contemplating marriage, as well as newlyweds.

Marriage can be incredibly uplifting, a 'downer', or simply a 'mixed-bag' of usually fulfilling moments on our life's journey. IMPROVE YOUR MARRIAGE Don't Overlook the Obvious takes a different approach than what you might have experienced elsewhere.
A perfect guide for married couples of all ages.

IMROVE YOUR MARRIAGE - Don't Overlook The Obvious is a compilation of over 500, to-the-point, practical ideas and statements. It recommends personal responsibility, while acknowledging the roles of others. And does not advocate a 'one size fits all' mentality.

ImproveYour Marriage Don't Overlook the Obvious tells you what your mom, dad, or best friend would tell you if they knew, had the courage to tell you, or had the opportunity to explain.
If you examine your relationship issues and strip away the details, the 'fluff'', and extraneous information, you will undoubtedly realize that the crux of most problems, tensions, issues... and their solutions are fairly simple to explain.
-- The trouble is that we often choose to ignore these because they are so 'basic'/ 'common sense'. Or, because we practice them occasionally; without acknowledging that it is not often enough. Or, simply that we doubt something so simple to explain, could produce great results! And, sometimes, we just wish that there was 'another way', even when there is not a practical one.

This is a book that can be read and re-read - or picked-up and put down, over and over, again. - Order your copy, today!

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